Cinema Photography Studio
14251 Euclid St. F103
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Erick Hiep Nguyen is an international wedding photographer based in Southern California.  As a photographer of CINEMA PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, Erick has been capturing timeless wedding photographic moments worldwide, specializing in destination weddings.  Erick is also known best for light and texture composition.  He is passionate and is greatly influenced by his background in fine arts photography, which resonates not only in his wedding photography, but also notably in his work of both outdoor and indoor lighting of fashion and editorial photography.

With over 20 years in the wedding industry, Erick has continuously been providing quality wedding photography to his clients.  His goal for every client is to capture the essence of the uniqueness of each relationship.  He prides on being a trusted photographer who is able to bring exceptional timeless memories on your special day.  

In his spare time, Erick is an avid soccer fan and player.  He enjoys spending his downtime with family and close friends.  He also enjoys traveling and has worked in numerous travel documentaries and other venues that display his wide range and versatility.  Please feel free to peruse our page to view his work. 

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